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Unlock exponential career growth in healthcare. Our courses open doors to hospitals, community health, administration, teaching & more.

Demand in the healthcare sector

BNI Courses

High demand due to rising casualties and hospital needs.
Experience leads to increased salary prospects.

  • Home Nurse
  • Community Health Worker
  • Rural Health Worker
  • Basic Health Worker

Core industries for graduates

BNI Courses

From research organizations/ educational fields, NGOs, Government Hospitals, Nursing Homes

  • Private & government hospitals
  • Industries
  • Nursing & Old age homes
  • Sanatoriums & Orphanages
  • Medical Service for Armed Force

Top-paying nursing job profiles

BNI Courses

Pursue rewarding nursing careers with our courses at Bankers Nursing Institute.

  • Clinical Nurse SpecialistExperts in fields like gerontology or cardiovascular health
  • Legal Nurse ConsultantProvide medical information to legal organizations
  • Forensic NurseExamine and care for victims of various abuses, collecting evidence
  • Travelling NurseAssist ill or homebound patients, working in hospitals, schools, and clinics

GNM Career Avenues


Freshers start with a salary range of INR 8,000 to INR 12,000.
With experience and further qualifications, earning potential increases.

  • Home Nurse
  • Health Visitor
  • Community Health Visitor
  • Basic Health Worker
  • Rural Health Worker
  • Anaganwadi and ASHA Worker

Career Growth


GNM degree holders can experience exponential career growth in various healthcare settings, from hospitals to community health, administration, teaching, and specialized roles.

  • TeachersImpart subject knowledge at the post-secondary level
  • Legal Nurse ConsultantProvide medical data for legal cases
  • Forensic NurseCare for victims and gather evidence in legal cases
  • Clinical/Hospital NurseSpecialize in areas like Diabetology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, or Cardiovascular Health
  • Home NurseCare for the sick and commute between hospitals, schools, and clinics

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